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staff application

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1staff application Empty staff application on Sun Dec 20, 2009 9:45 pm


New To Forums
New To Forums

In-game name:blake

Hours played each day?

Vouches (from other plays, i want to see pictures, not text):

What experience you have? (don't mention other servers)
Well don't call any of the staff dude's. It's not cool to not helping other player. Never trying breaking the rules
becuase it can cause demotion. I think its fun being a mod

why do you want to be your staff?
Becuase it's fun to be mod helping other people seeing the joy from them. Be pretty kewl
to be a fun mod i try to make events like on the sever such as races find me stuff like that.

If i didnt give you staff would you quit?
i woulden't quite i think be nice to take a that they wanted or wishes. I never leave the sever only if it's down but i still be in the forms stuff like that Very Happy

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