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1TAG1234'S APPLICATION :) Empty TAG1234'S APPLICATION :) on Sat Dec 19, 2009 6:49 am


Server Mod
Server Mod
Name: Tyler

In-game name: Tag1234

Hours played each day? Around 3-4 sometimes more.

Vouches (from other plays, i want to see pictures, not text): More To Come Smile
TAG1234'S APPLICATION :) Vouchefromsig-2
TAG1234'S APPLICATION :) Connorvouch

What experience you have? (don't mention other servers) I have been a co-owner on another successful server and got promoted to mod just as a server went down (falcon you know which server)

why do you want to be your staff?: I want to be staff because i feel like i can help the server out alot if I am. I've also done many jobs for you falcon and I thikn i did them pretty well. I can come up with new ways to improve the server and think of more ways to bring players in (like ive been doing, setting us up on mopar, etc, etc). Falcon. you know me lol, and im a pretty good guy. Edit: I'll always be thinking of ways to earn the server money and bring in new players, and i'll always help people out, i've already had a pretty good idea with the clicking links to get money and ill keep thinking of more! Thank you!

If i didnt give you staff would you quit? Lol no. That's a stupid and selfish reason to quit.

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2TAG1234'S APPLICATION :) Empty Re: TAG1234'S APPLICATION :) on Sat Dec 19, 2009 9:32 am


Your application will be on hold due to you not having enough/or any vouches, please update this when you do get vouches.

Thnak you, Falcon.

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